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DCDS 2016 Program

Software Architecture : Comprehensive Study Lena Khaled Ahmed, Software engineering researcher, Jordan

Doctoral Colloquium :
- Educational Ontology Based Question Answering
Abdelghani Karkar, University of Qatar
- For a global model of authentication and migration in IaaS Cloud infrastructures
Mounir Rizki, Mohammed First University
- Secure Multicast Routing framework for vehicular adhoc networks
Waqar Farooq, National University of Science & Technology (NUST),  Islamabad. Pakistan

Demo Session :
- Reverse Multiple-choice Method : A Unique, Context-driven Q & A Process for
Educational Assessment and Knowledge Engineering
Indu Anand, Sushila publications, Massachussetts Boston
- A Multimedia Collaborative m-Learning System in a Private Wireless Network
Abdelghani Karkar, University of Qatar

Open discussion and suggestions :
Honor Guest : Prof. Haid Arabnia, University of Georgia, Presedent of Wordlcomp congress.


Information :

July 25-28, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The Congress will be held
at the Monte Carlo Resort

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Doctoral colloquium Chair:

Dr Lamia Atma Djoudi,
Synchrone technologies